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“Richest Hill” lead reporter and producer Nora Saks is finishing her master’s degree in Environmental Science and Natural Resource Journalism at the University of Montana. She’s also s a reporter for Montana Public Radio and has been covering Superfund issues in Butte, Montana for the last 18 months, working towards an independent long-form radio documentary on the topic. Nora is a 2013 graduate of the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, ME, and is working on her 3rd and 4th stories for NPR (you can check out my first here and my second here). She’s hoping to leverage her work in Butte into the “Richest Hill” podcast as she continues to work for MTPR after graduation this spring.

Eric Whitney, MTPR news director.Eric Whitney is MTPR’s news director. He will be the lead editor and executive producer of “Richest Hill.” Eric has been a public radio journalist since 1993, working as a station-based reporter and freelancer in locations from Telluride, Colorado to Cape Town, South Africa. His work has been supported by fellowships from the Knight, Robert Wood Johnson and California Health Care Foundations, among others. In 2010 he was recruited for the NPR-Kaiser Health News Health Reporting From The States Collaborative, to which he continues to contribute.

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Josh Burnham, MTPR online editor.Josh Burnham has been MTPR’s online editor and social media strategist since 2014. He manages MTPR’s online assets, works on audience engagement and analytics, and has served as a producer on three of our podcasts: SubSurface, Threshold and Can Do. Josh was awarded the 2017 Radio Website of the Year award for from the Montana Broadcaster’s Association. Prior to working in public radio, Josh spent 15 years in higher education developing online tools to enhance science and ecology education in and outside of the classroom.

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The “Richest Hill” podcast is a Montana Public Radio news production. You can contact MTPR here.