Like ‘Richest Hill’? Check Out ‘Shared State’

Hi all, Richest Hill host Nora Saks here. I wanted to pop in real quick to let you know that episode 9, which we’re calling ‘Butte never says die,’ is almost done and will be out very soon.

In the mean time, I want to tell you about another podcast coming your way. It’s called Shared State and it’s a collaboration between Montana Public Radio, Yellowstone Public Radio and Montana Free Press. It’s the first time we’re all doing something together like this, and it’s worth your time.

Remember when we talked about how much power and influence the Anaconda Company had back in the day; not just in Butte, but in all of Montana? Well, back in the 1970s that power started to fade and the state decided to kind of start over and create a brand new constitution. That’s where this new podcast starts, with Montana’s constitutional convention. The Con Con.

Shared State logo

The podcast uses the state Constitution to explore what exactly what our politicians mean when the say things like “Montana Values.” Right now campaign season is in full swing and you’re probably hearing all kinds of that sort of messaging. But behind the political promises and rhetoric, there are actual policies up for debate. That’s where Shared State comes in. They’re talking about what’s really on the ballot in November; not just the contenders, but also the issues they stand for and argue over. They’re digging deep into Montana’s political landscape, from our Constitution to the current slate of candidates running for office, and why this election matters.

I listened to the first episode and I think that if you like Richest Hill, you’re going to love Shared State. Plus, our very own producer, Nick Mott, is editor of the whole shebang.

Follow the link to Listen to Shared State, or find the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Tune in on your radio Saturdays at 9:30 a.m. on Montana Public Radio or Thursdays at 6 p.m. on Yellowstone Public Radio.