Episode 02: For The Benefit Of Mankind

At first glance, Butte, Montana’s mutilated industrial landscape is often written-off as an ecological sacrifice-zone. Dirty, ugly as sin and regrettable, but necessary to supply the country with perhaps the most basic necessity of the Electrical Age: Copper. But if you take the time to really look carefully, what you find here will challenge, surprise and even change you.

Take a closer look at the copper that put the Richest Hill on the map; the city’s storied past; and the nostalgia and sense of purpose that pervade the Mining City, right now on Richest Hill episode two.

4 comments on Episode 02: For The Benefit Of Mankind

  1. Al Beavis says:

    Nice job Nora and thanks for sharing. Maybe when the weather changes for the better and the Mining Museum opens we can meet and take the under ground tour. Thanks again, Al

  2. irene Finley says:

    My husband was a city planner in Portland Oregon. He also travels extensively around the world. He says that uptown Butte is the most intact city of its time period anywhere. He loves it as I do.

  3. Jean Decker says:

    Is there a video anywhere of this remaining hoisting machine working? Or a video of the various machines/sound boxes that scare away birds from The Berkeley Pit? Thanks

    1. Josh Burnham says:

      Hi Jean, I”m not sure about the hoists, but here’s a story Nora did about the bird deterrents. You can see and hear some of them here: https://www.mtpr.org/post/drones-lasers-and-cannons-hazing-birds-toxic-berkeley-pit

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